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YMCA Financial Assistance Program

YMCA Financial Assistance

The YMCA of Southwest Nova Scotia is a charitable organization committed to helping individuals grow in spirit, mind, and body. We are committed to eliminating financial barriers and providing everyone with the opportunity to participate in YMCA programs and services. A YMCA financially assisted membership offers access to the same facilities, programs, and services at a reduced rate.

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The YMCA will not deny access to anyone on the inability to pay. We encourage pay what you can.

Financial Assistance Form

To apply, please complete all questions:

Fill out the contact form below and submit the application. You will be contacted within 48 hours to complete your registration. Some services and programs may also require the following: 

  1. A credit card (visa or Mastercard), or void cheque or your banking information provided by your financial institution.
  2. AND/ or first payment.

Submitted applications will be contacted within 48 hours.

Financial assistance is based on your personal assessment. We encourage members to assess their financial situation every six months and determine what you can pay. 

If you no longer require assistance, please speak to a department representative for the program/ service you received financial assistance from. This enables the YMCA to help other individuals and families.

A YMCA membership is flexible. We understand that life changes as such, we do not lock you into a contract or charge a cancellation fee. Two weeks’ notice is required for any cancellations.

Thank You!

To the generous donors of Access to Opportunity, for making the financial assistance program possible.