The First Step is the Best Step 

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Taking the first step is the hardest part to a healthier lifestyle and routine, but if you’re ready to take it, the YMCA is here for YOU! Let’s make today the first day of your new journey, your new goal and the day you take the first step! Here at the YMCA, you will find we have a variety of equipment, classes, and programs that will make your heart happy and healthy!  

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Why take your first step at the YMCA? 
·      No locked-in contracts  

·      A free fitness consultation   

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·      Child minding services  

·      Free membership hold options  
·      Access to Canadian YMCA membership centres  

There are many ways to take your first step at the YMCA! 

Check out our current program offerings and schedule 

Terms and conditions apply. This offer is valid with an immediate purchase of an ongoing membership, and only valid if you have not had a Lunenburg County YMCA membership in the past 12 months.  Offer expires August 31, 2022.

At the Y, you’ll find welcoming environments where people can get connected and active. Join us! Phone 902-543-9622 for more information or stop in for a tour today.



Free with Membership, you can book an appointment with one of our trainers to go over our equipment or get you set up on a personalized program for you!

Aqua Fit Classes

We have Aqua Fit Classes at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre on Tuesday and Thursday at noon and Wednesday at 7pm, entrance is included in your YMCA membership and you can book your space weekly by calling 902-530-4100.

Fitness Classes

We currently have 20 weekly fitness classes for all ages and abilities. You can attend any or all of our classes, they are included in your membership! Please phone 902-543-9622 the day of to book your spot in our fitness classes.

“It has been a miracle for me to finally find a maintenance program in my own community”

Mae Naugler-Burgess, YMCA Member

“The staff are so supportive, and I can honestly say I feel great. I am getting stronger, but more importantly it is great for my mind. I am so glad to be a part of the community at the ‘Y’.”

Ron Word, YMCA Member